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gregory mohr group

Gregory Mohr has excelled in the real estate business for more than two decades. His vast experience encompasses every facet of real estate—from custom home building to real estate appraisal to representing countless home buyers and property sellers as a real estate broker. He is well-versed in the smallest details of every residential real estate scenario you can imagine. His attention to those details has garnered Greg a trophy case full of accolades. More importantly, it has earned him the complete trust of his clients. Some of whom include prominent business leaders, professional athletes, coaches and local celebrities.

But you don’t have to be a household name to enjoy the star treatment from Greg. He counts it a privilege to work closely with all of his home buyers and sellers, regardless of their budget or circumstances. He is passionate about sharing his wealth of knowledge about current market trends within Central Indiana with his clients to ensure each real estate transaction is to their maximum benefit—whether they are buying or selling.

Greg founded Gregory Mohr Group as a full-time real estate company to meet the needs of discerning clients, built upon the values of personal service, integrity, honesty and knowledge.

Nancy Mohr is the owner and principal of Mohr Curb Appeal—a strategic partner and frequent collaborator of Gregory Mohr Group. Nancy works closely with GMG to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home through minor modifications that allow the home to shine in the eyes of a potential buyer. Why is this important to sellers?

Let’s face it. HGTV has changed the definition of a “turn-key” home. Buyers want the most on-trend home with the most curb appeal they can find in the best neighborhood they can afford. They want to close on Tuesday, move in on Wednesday and have the family dinner on Thursday.

When that’s not reflected in the reality of a home for sale, (which is most often the case) Nancy’s passion for interior design and decorating, combined with her more than two decades of experience in real estate industry makes all the difference. She knows precisely how to bring out every bit of curb appeal a home can offer. Whether it’s accessorizing, painting, landscaping or simply rearranging furniture, Nancy “nails it” every time. This allows GMG to uncover added value in a home, which increases the listing price that GMG works so diligently to establish.